CCM Corporate Compliance Manager™ (CCM) is a web based application used to track all of your corporate entity records ranging from officer and director information to stock, ownership and organizational structure. CCM features an online document creation tool and an electronic filing cabinet for storing critical corporate files.

Entity Management can mean many things to an organization. What it shouldn’t mean is frustration and struggle to get timely access to crucial information for operating your corporate legal department.
  • Do you know where all of your entity, stock and officer information is stored?
  • How much time is spent obtaining an up-to-date listing of officers for one of your companies?
  • How easy is it to find what companies and in what roles John Smith has served?
  • How intact are your corporate minute books?
  • Where do you go for the ownership records of XYZ Company?

With CCM Corporate Compliance Manager™, you can access your data more efficiently and effectively. How much more could get done if all the corporate entity information was stored in a single, sharable location for easy, accurate, real time access? CCM reduces wasted time, the possibility for errors and helps your organization stay in compliance easily and efficiently.

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